Estyn – Case Studies from Garnteg Primary

Estyn – Case Studies We were given grades of excellent by Estyn and we were asked to write 2 good practice case studies for Estyn which have now been published on the links below.
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Strategic Equality Plan

An annual review of our Strategic Equality Plan took place at full governing Body on 15.03.16 . Objectives were reviewed and current targets set for 2016-17 are as follows : To increase opportunities for multi cultural themes and celebrations I every year group including motivational speakers . To continue to reduce the gender gap in performance at both key stages in boys attainment in English . To continue to improve outcomes for groups of learners who are more able 4. I continue to improve disability access throughout the school . To promote equality and diversity awareness in the work place trough training ....
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Rugby Tournament at Blaenavon VC Primary School

Friday 17th April, Garnteg Rugby team took part in an exciting Rugby Tournament at Blaenavon VC Primary School. “My name is Evan White and I am part of Garnteg rugby team.  With our coaches Mr K Gauntlett and Miss K Powell we had an enjoyable but hard day.  We played 5 other teams.  Every player played to the best of their abilities. We didn’t make it to the semi-finals but that didn’t matter as we really enjoyed taking part and representing our school. Everyone had a good day and we all received a medal and we did our school proud.” By Evan White Y5 Team :  Chesney Clarke, Max Sansom, Kiera Jones, Che Preece, Abi Horgan, Sinade Clark, Ellie Mae...
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