ECO Council

We have a fantastic Eco Council at Garnteg Primary School, who are all very committed to promoting environmental sustainability throughout our school.  All members were elected by their peers in October 2014.  2 members were chosen from each Key Stage 2 class and 1 from each Year 2 class.  Our members are;

Sinade    Year 6
Ellie     Year 6
Liam     Year 5
Ethan     Year 5
Olivia    Year 4
Ethan    Year 4
Libby     Year 3
Kian    Year 3
Yesim     Year 2
Kacey-May    Year 2

So far this year we have asked the whole school to get involved with completing our Environmental Review.  This looks at different aspects of Eco Schools, such as; Litter and Waste Minimisation, Transport, Energy, Healthy Living, Water, Global Citizenship and School Grounds.  We looked at everyone’s responses and collated them into an action plan for the year.

We would like to focus on saving energy in the school.  Each class will be monitored at play times and lunch times by our ‘Student Switch Off’ Team.  The classes that save the most energy will be presented with certificates each week.

Eco Council have been working closely with School Council to develop transport safety around the school.  Both councils have met with Kate Kerr, who is a road safety officer, to learn how to set up a walking bus and understand more about road safety.

Healthy Eating
Eco Council have been working closely with School Council to promote healthy eating within the school.  Every class has a healthy eating chart and a raffle is drawn on a Friday for pupils who bring healthy tuck every day.

School Grounds
After looking at our Environmental Reviews we would like to improve our school grounds for wildlife.  We would like to plant flowers that attract butterflies and bees.  Mrs Cox has been looking at how plants are pollinated with our school gardening club.

Litter and Waste Minimisation
In order to reduce the amount of paper that is thrown away we would like to introduce scrap paper trays in each classroom so that pupils and staff are re-using paper.

Global Citizenship
As an Eco Council we would like to become more aware of Fair Trade and what it means.