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Consultation letter 2015

Cwmffrwdoer Garnteg Consultation Report 150915

School Improvement plan Progress report for School Improvement Plan areas 2014 – 2015

Before Reading – Parent Questionnaire!
Your views as parents of the school are very important to us. The purpose of the questionnaire is to seek feelings of parents on the work of the school. The outcomes of the questionnaire along with an action plan for action areas, will be circulated to all parents. Please Download the questionnaire HERE

Target 1:   Improve Literacy Standards

Spring term update

The target to ‘Ensure that targeted support and provision is available for more able and talented pupils’ show the following:-

The coordinator is currently running a ‘test support group’ after school club to improve standards of reading in years 3,4,5 and 6.

After school club is also currently running to improve standards of reading in year 2. This has also been targeted towards the MAT pupils for reading test support.

The target to ‘Improve the teaching and learning of reading throughout the school’ results show the following:-

Extra reading support sessions have started for these pupils to include sound practise and comprehension work. Extra reading support sessions have been started for these pupils to include test paper question practise and extra reading support weekly.


Target 2: Improve Numeracy standards CT

In Spring term 2015. This in turn has an impact on skills to be taught across the curriculum.. Intervention pupils / pupils underachieving are discussed every RAG meeting to ensure progress is being made. In Foundation Phase Spring Term 2015 Teacher Assessment results, 34% of pupils were above target, 62% were on target and 4% below. Where appropriate, intervention has established for pupils below target. Percentage of pupils achieving above target has increased since Autumn and percentage of pupils achieving below target has decreased.


Target 3:   Improve outcomes for Groups of learners

Family learning Fun with number sessions have taken place with Reception/ year 1 pupils and Premier league reading skills have taken place with year 5/6 pupils. See activities   and clubs


Target 4:   Teaching and Learning standards .

Quality of teaching and learning

The target for teaching and learning for the year 2014-5 in our school improvement plan is 96% Good   20%Good plus 2 Spring 14 All staff attended training From NLF JMiller 24.03.15 Summer term implementation of RUCSAC approaches with all staff KL CT AFL DHT attended training to implement AFL structures throughout the both key phases success spiders and success criteria implemented

Target 5:   Improve standards in Welsh

-All of the cohorts are on track to achieve the expected levels/ outcomes at the end of the year.

-Crew Cymraeg, ‘phrase of the week’, extra-curricular ‘gem Cymraeg clwb’ – in collaboration with the Urdd- i running weekly and is supporting v pupils in developing their bilingualism.

-New Pod-Anturm packs ordered to accompany the revised y3 and y4 scheme of work.

-More bilingualism is evident displays.


Target 6:   Improve ICT teaching and learning standards Spring Update

The ICT co-ordinator collected samples of planning and samples of work from KS2 and Foundation Phase at the end of Spring term and monitored coverage of skills from the ICT curriculum cycle. Staff are following the ICT cycle and have been encouraged to use the Digital Literacy resources to teach e-safety lessons.

Hwb training was attended with the view to implement this with staff only, in September. This will then be rolled out to use with pupils once staff become familiar with Hwb and its features.

The e-safety policy has been reviewed and has been handed out to staff.

Value Added Education will be visiting school on 1st May 2015 to provide more training for staff on the use of iPads.

Lego We Do software has been installed on all laptops and a coding afterschool club start on 17th April 2015, for which we have already had positive feedback from parents. Pupils will be using Scratch initially and will then move on to using Lego We Do once they become familiar with the layout. Lee Parker has discussed possible Lego training for staff with Miss Lilly and Mrs Davies. This will allow for Lego We Do to be used as a tool to improve the use of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT throughout the curriculum.