Parental Complaints


If you should ever feel it is necessary to make a complaint about the school curriculum or indeed any other aspect of the school, your first point of contact would be the Class Teacher, Senior Leader Member, Deputy Head teacher then the Head Teacher. If after speaking with the class teacher you are still concerned you can contact the school and arrange to discuss any matter with the Head Teacher in the hope that it can be resolved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Should the issue still not be resolved then you can make a formal complaint to the governing body, preferably in writing to the Chair of Governors. It is not the role of parent governors to bring complaints from individual parents into school or to meetings. That is the responsibility of the parents themselves. We hope that early contact and discussion would resolve most concerns so please remember that it is always best to contact school at your earliest opportunity. A policy statement on bullying has been and is available to all parents.  A policy statement on bullying has been and is available to all parents.  A full copy of the schools Anti-bullying policy and procedures is available from the school.

Download a full copy of the policy here:

Garnteg Primary School guidance for parents on the complaints procedure 2014