A warm welcome to Garnteg Primary School!

The school prospectus has been compiled to provide you with the necessary information about school procedures. Parents/carers should also refer to other school policies which are published on Garnteg Primary website and are available from the school office.

Garnteg Primary School is situated on the outskirts of the town of Pontypool in the borough of Torfaen, South Wales. The two-storey building was opened 15 years ago.

The area the school serves is the valley area of Garndiffaith and Abersychan parents care deeply about their child’s education and are very supportive of the school and as a result the school and the community are interlinked and have excellent relationships.

Garnteg has very strong links with the local community. The school is used by Torfaen and private contributors who rent out the School’s climbing wall and the school is part of the Garnsychan Partnership Group, local Neighbourhood Committee.

The local churches provide the school with pastoral support as well as taking acts of collective worship and lesson enrichment.

Currently the school has 304 pupils on roll. A full break down of the school organisation is laid out further on in this document.

Our school vision is:

Live, Learn, Succeed Together!

Choosing the right school for your child is vitally important.  Most parents want the best education for their children but they also want them to feel safe, secure and happy.

At Garnteg we believe we can offer all these things.  We pride ourselves on the wellbeing of pupils and the broad, balanced and full education we can provide from Foundation Phase through to Key Stage 2.  The high standards of teaching and learning are a credit to the hard work of both staff and pupils.  Equally, we are also proud of the atmosphere of friendliness   co-operation and respect which is always evident.

At Garnteg we try to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. All children are given equal access to the school and its curriculum and all at Garnteg are considered equal in the learning partnership. When children have special needs we make arrangements to inform parents and design specific programmes.

Garnteg pupils will be prepared for an ethnically diverse society. The school will work hard to promote racial equality and harmony by preventing and challenging racism. If anyone ever feels unjustly treated then the school welcomes and values a response. It is in working together that we will make Garnteg even better. We value all our pupils and we believe that their time in school should be rewarding and fulfilling.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S E Roche – Headteacher