School Council

Walking Bus- Dydd Llun Ionawr 2015

The ECO Council and School Council came together this week to meet the Torfaen County Borough Council, Road Safety Officer, Kate Kerr. Kate came to meet with the children with regards to setting up a ‘Walking Bus.’ The ‘Walking Bus’ initiative looks at encourage more pupils to walk to school and to walk together with friends and parent volunteers to run the ‘Walking Bus.’

The afternoon was very succssful. Pupils thought of lots of ways to ensure safety for pupils travelling to school. They showed a great awareness of road safety and have agreed to share what they have learnt from the session with their peers.

If any parents, are interested in hearing more about the Walking Bus please contact Miss Baldry.

bus-1 bus-2 bus-3

Red Nose Day Report

“Gaith gwych pawb a diolch chi!!

What a fantastic day! We were all really impressed with your ‘funny faces.’ From face paints, to masks and crazy hair, you all put in a lot of effort and looked fantastic! Also, thank you for all the entries into the joke competition and nose design competition.   The School Council had a really tough job deciding the winners. Again, we wish to congratulate our winners: Bethan (Year 5), Macie (Year5) Ray (Year 4) and Emilie (Year 2).   Da iawn pawb!

Red Nose day was not just about dressing up. Before Red Nose Day, pupils spent their PSHE lessons learning about the importance of Red Nose Day and the charity does for others. Watch this video to see what we have been up to.”

Lynne Neagle

“On 27th March, the School Council invited AM Lynne Neagle to join them for a question and answer session. It was an exciting day and there was a definite buzz amongst the School Council team. The children had been eager to meet Lynee since their visit to the Welsh Assembly Government in Cardiff Bay. During the session they were able to ask questions about her role and ask for opinions about the school’s projects.

School Council member Macie speaks about her day: “It was great Lynne Neagle. It was a great opportunity to learn about Lynne Neagle. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was great. We learned about all of the things that she does.”

The whole meeting was filmed by our Digital Leader Evan. He was congratulated for his excellent work on the day by all who attended. The school council team are looking forward to watching the meeting back in the near future.”

Lynne-Neagle pic-1 Lynne-Neagle pic-2











Children in Need, Dydd Gwener 14 Tachwedd 2014

This term at Garnteg Primary School we really have been putting the ‘Fun’ into our ‘Fundraising’!

On Friday 14th November all the pupils and staff at the school arrived to school as SUPERHEROES!  Everyone looked fantastic and donated £1 for wearing their superhero costumes.

Pupils and staff continued to donate by taking part in Children in Need activities in our school hall.  There was:

  • a Photo Booth for our Superheroes to pose in
  • Pudsey Popcorn to eat
  • Pudsey and Blush wristband to buy and wear
  • Pudsey Painting
  • Pennies for Pudsey and more.

The day as enjoyed by all and a FANTATIC £392.01 was raised!

Well done and thank you to everyone who donated.

Da iawn and diolch yn fawr pawb!

School Council 2014-2015


We are very lucky to have an enthusiastic and committed School Council team this year! Keep reading to find out more about Garnteg’s  School Council.

What is School Council?

A School Council is a small group of representatives from all across the school who act as a powerful voice for all pupils throughout the school.  Each year we have a new School Council.  To select our new representatives with hold exciting election campaign and voting week in which year 2-6 select 2 members from their class to represent them.

The School Council Reps attend regular meetings on Mondays and discuss important matters within the school, share thoughts from their class and listen carefully to ideas and opinions.  The School Council Reps also have the very important job of listening to their peers and sharing their ideas and informing their peers of what happens in School Council Meetings.

Autumn 2014

After a very busy elections in September a team was elected and soon took their place on the School Council.  Each member of the School Council was also given a specific role and received training.  On the school council we have:

  • Tom (Year 6) – Chairperson
  • Macie-Louise (Year 5) – Vice-Chairperson
  • Ewan (Year 5) – Secretary
  • Chloe (Year 6) – Publicity Officer
  • Evan (Year 4) – Publicity Officer
  • Jack (Year 3) – Admin Distributor
  • Jessica (Year 4) – Venue Manager
  • T-Jay  (Year 2)- Venue Manager
  • Lori  (Year 3) – Altering Team
  • Kasey May (Year 2) – Altering Team

All the members were thrilled to join the School Council and have been very busy so far this term.

Healthy Eating

The School Council have looked over last year’s Pupils’ Questionnaire and they found that less than half the pupils in the school were coming to school without fruit for snack.  They also investigated the amount of sugar in drinks and were very shocked by their findings.  As a result School Council are planning to launch a “Fruity Loyalty Card” for all pupils.  They aim to encourage more children to bring in fruit for snack and by doing so they could be in with a chance of winning some prizes!

image image_1 image_2 image_4

















Children in Need

The School Council planned activities for Children in Need in November. They organised a photo booth, Pudsey Popcorn, the sale of Pudsey and Blush wristbands and Pudsey painting.  They also asked for everyone to come dressed as a Superhero for the day.  They day was enjoyed by all and a fantastic £392.01 was raised!

Diolch yn fawr pawb!

Trip to the Welsh Assembly

To find out more about School Council and its importance the Reps went to Cardiff Bay to explore the Senedd.  It was an excellent day where the Reps held their School Council meeting in the Siambr Hywel, had a debate, learnt about the Government and looked at the Senedd Building.

welsh assembly visit 1welsh assembly visit 2