More News and Diary Dates

Diary Dates/Forthcoming Events

Wednesday,2nd – 9th May 2018 – National Tests – 100% Attendance required

Wednesday, 28th March 2018 – Easter Headgear Parade – Keystage 2

Monday, 7th May 2018 – May Bank Holiday – School is closed

Monday, 28th May 2018 – Friday, 1st June 2018 – Half Term

Wednesday, 4th July 2018 – Moving Up Day

Friday, 20th July 2018 – Last Day of Term

Monday/Tuesday 23.07-24.07.2018 Inset Day

National Literacy & Numeracy Tests Information from the Welsh Assembly Government

The National Tests for pupils in Year 2-6 in Reading, Numeracy and Reasoning at Garnteg will run from Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 until Wednesday, 9th May 2018. Please ensure your child attends school on time during this period.  If you would like more information about the tests please visit the learning Wales website at where a range of support materials and information is available.  If you would like any further information please contact your class teacher who will be happy to help you. Revision Homework will go out with children tomorrow, please keep an eye out and practice with your children.  Thank you.

Class 3/4 Mrs Lewis & Miss Ally

After the holidays on Friday, 20th April children in Class 3 and 4 can dress up as characters or animals from the Lion King for our class topic day.

Class 8 – Mrs Lee

On Tuesday, 27th March some children of Dosbarth 8 visited the Luncheon Club at the Millennium Hall.  After having lunch with their partners, the children took part with their partners in their annual Easter Headgear Parade. They met the older person’s commissioner’s representative and discussed the project & how the children and their partners looked forward to the visits to the Luncheon Club. Children were presented with an Easter egg and left with lots of lovely memories. We look forward to spending more time at the Luncheon Club after the holidays.

Easter Holiday Activities – Blaenavon World Heritage Site

Easter activities will take place to keep all the family occupied throughout Easter.

Easter Craft Workshops are on April, 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th April (£1 per activity)

Story & Craft in Library, Thursday 5th & 12th at 2.30pm – Free Entry – pre-booking required.

Easter Egg Hunt every day – £1 entry

Thank you – Easter Parades /Activities

Well done to everyone who entered the Easter bonnet, Easter headgear and Easter craft competitions this year, the standard of entries was amazing. It was very difficult for the judges to make a decision on winners – you should all be very proud of yourselves!

Thank you to all the parents/carers, grandparents, aunties and uncles who attended the Nursery Easter craft morning, it was a really enjoyable session. We hope that you have been able to follow the tweets on our twitter page. Remember to look after your sunflowers for our sunflower growing competition! A big thank you to the school council who have organised another successful Easter egg hunt this year – enjoy!!

Some interesting facts about Easter

  • Easter is the Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his the promise of eternal life.
  • Others believe the word Easter comes from the German word eostarun meaning dawn and white.
  • During Lent eating animal products including eggs was not allowed. Hens still laid eggs so by Easter there were a lot of left over eggs
  • Exchanging painted eggs started in ancient civilizations with people such as the Egyptians and Persians.  The would exchange eggs as a symbol of fertility and new life
  • The idea of the Easter Bunny was brought to the US by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania Dutch Country in the 1700s.
  • Germans believed the Easter Bunny was a white hare that would leave colorful eggs for good girls and boys on Easter Morning.
  • The girls and boys would wake up Easter morning and build nests out of sticks and leaves so the Easter Bunny can leave them the eggs. This is how the first Easter Hunts started.
  • Original Easter baskets were made to look like nests now children receive colorful baskets filled with eggs and candies from the Easter Bunny.
  • 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made for Easter.
  • Guinness Book of World Records stated the largest Easter Egg made was 25ft high and made of chocolate and marshmallow.

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