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Garnteg Primary School Curriculum for Wales Statement

At Garnteg Primary school we believe that all learners can be successful if they are exposed to a range of learning opportunities and valuable experiences that allow them to be ambitious, enterprising and confident individuals who ‘climb and sparkle’ together to grow in every way.  We strive to provide all learners opportunities to have an enjoyable, flying start filled with new and authentic experiences.  At Garnteg we celebrate all races and cultures ensuring our learners are respectful, ethically informed members of their community.

At Garnteg we believe that pupils learn best when they explore learning in a variety of ways, both indoor and outdoor and by being exposed to the wider community.  We provide rich and authentic learning environments for all our learners and encourage them to share their views and ideas, promoting engagement in learning and ensuring our pupils develop lifelong skills.


Through our teaching we aim to;

  • Provide rich and authentic learning experiences which support and challenge our learners appropriately
  • Provide learners with opportunities to practise and refine skills they have learned
  • Encourage children to become independent, confident, ambitious learners through personalised learning experiences
  • Effectively support and challenge learners, meeting their individual needs through the use of resources, support and environment
  • Utilise new technologies across the curriculum enabling learners to be digitally competent and equipping them with skills for their future lives
  • Ensure learners feel they are a valued member of their community and encouraging them to develop respect and understanding for the ideas, feelings and values of others

Curriculum for Wales Policy 2022

Curriculum for Wales 2022

From September 2022, the way children and young people learn in schools will change, to prepare them better for a changing world. Schools will create their own curricula within a national framework, adapting the content to make it more relevant and meaningful to their learners.

This video has been created by staff and pupils at Garnteg Primary to outline exactly what Curriculum for Wales means to us as a school.

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